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I can't recall exactly when it began, but I've had a lifelong interest in photography.  The idea of being able to capture and freeze moments in time with photographs seized my imagination as a young boy and continues to fascinate me as I enter my retirement years.

My first real camera was a Mamiya 35mm film SLR purchased shortly after I graduated from college.  It served me well for many years as I captured snapshots of my family, of vacation trips, and the occasional foray into more serious forms of photography.

The advent of digital photography, combined with my love of sports, resulted in my evolution into a sports photographer.  Through my work with newspapers, magazines, and sports media services, I was able to fulfill one item on my photographic bucket list; that being to have my work published by Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

Now retired from active sports photography, I'm predominately focused on street and landscape photography; but I'm still quick to take a photograph of any scene that happens to grab my eye.

These days, my primary camera is a Fujifilm X-T1 with a variety of lenses.  In addition, I still have a Canon 1D Mark II N and several lenses remaining from my sports photography days; as well as a Canon T7i which I primarily use for videography (yet another growing interest!), and my pocket-sized Canon S110.

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